Exchange Policy

100% Buyer’s Satisfaction Guaranteed. Buy with full confidence! If you are for any reason, not satisfied with our product, you can contact us to arrange for return. Every displayed product is guaranteed to be as precise as shown in the image on our page. We are 100% positive regarding our excellent quality. Therefore, we do not charge restocking fees on returns. If you return or exchange any product, it is your responsibility to pay shipping and handling fees and any tax related to it. The merchandise must be sent in the original packaging and must be in new condition as delivered.

Sultan Men’s Wear has also introduced for the first time Online Store Credit System. It is a first of its kind system where you can return your purchase and utilize the same amount for a later purchase,

·        If the item was damaged when received by the customer

·        If the wrong item was delivered

·        If promotional free shipping is being offered

·        In all other cases, you will be responsible for bearing the cost of sending the item back to us.

·         Does this apply to items I bought on sale as well? Sale items cannot be exchanged or refunded.