Mehendi Fete

Sultan provides an extremely personalized service of preparing theme-based clothing for Mehendi events. For the purpose, Sultan accommodates a range of different services, which makes us a one-stop shop for all your Mehendi event’s clothing needs:





We present to you a range of clothing material from the finest of our industry’s looms that caters for a great feel and the right color of your celebration. With over 100 options in color and cloth spread out on our wonder wall, Sultan promises a service no-where else to be found.




Our ever-funky team of designers and craftsmen constantly work on preparing design for several Mehendi themes of every season and taste. So when a customer comes down at Sultan, we stun them with our creativity.


Our customers also have the opportunity of brainstorming a completely new theme together with our designers and Sultan shall deliver to you at the best of your satisfaction.  


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